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We are a group of "friends" of all ages, ringing for enjoyment and fundraising, we are based in the village and practice on Monday evenings every two weeks (with some variations)

Some team members in front of the Midlands Air Ambulance at a presentation at the M5 Services base at Strensham North

We are members of the HRGB (handbell ringers of great Britain) a national and regional organisation,and also the Heart of England Handbell Society which is a Midlands organisation both are for individuals and team members with the same interest.

We ring on a 3 octave set of Whitechapel handbells using "in hand" method of ringing rather than "off the table" we have until 2004 been ringing under the name of St Matthews Handbell Ringers Salford Priors, so if you have seen or heard them, you have seen and heard us.

We are always keen to meet other ringers or if you think you could be interested in knowing more please contact us, you don't have to read music to be able to play, as long as you can count anywhere between 1 and 10 you could play.

Historically December has always been our busy month with our carol and Christmas tune ringing and collecting for our Church and our charity is the County's Air Ambulance, both the Worcestershire area and the Northamptonshire and Warwickshire one, as we are near the Warwickshire border, we do a lot in both counties, In our first year of being St James' (2005) we collected £1161.36.

We attend Rallies organised by both the Handbell Ringers of Great Britain and also the Heart of England Handbell Society.

In this year we also undertook our first Wedding engagement, which was at Kinlet, Nr to Bridgenorth, We are a busy team performing throughout the year, and were soon back to Christmas with the usual round of Church services, supermarkets, private houses and not forgetting our now famous "pub run" on Christmas Eve, this year we raised £1516.32.

In 2007 apart from the normal yearly engagements we created our very own Website, which has brought us quite a few enquiries and bookings,

On September 1st we had our first own concert in St James', the team have taken part in many, but wanted to have our own, and when the Church were looking to raise funds for their repair fund project we thought this would be the ideal time to do it, we had two guest artists (both from the village) sold out of tickets and raised £500 towards the fund, and gained five new team members in the process.

Our Christmas fundraising for 2007 proved to be our best ever we collected the sum of £2248.31, and also did quite a few new engagements in the process including the Carol Service of the nine lessons in Pershore Abbey.

The team have a busy workload throughout the year with rallies, concerts and Weddings, have a look on the engagements page, but private functions such as Weddings to not appear on this.
Our Christmas funraising of 2008 came to £2215.29 - not quite as good as 2007 but still a good result.
2009 was a busy year, what with concerts, rallies, again we did weddings, our Christmas fundraising was down again, but with the current climates we won't complain with £2086.06 being collected, our highlight of the year has to be the concert we took part in on December 3rd in Worcester Cathedral, this was the first time we had performed in this grand building, and the sound of our bells carried all the way to the back - magic!
This page hasn't been updated for a time, but we are still very busy doing rallies, concerts and Christmas fund raising, however our highlight has to be in 2011 when we performed with Fishermans friends down on the platt at Port Issac on a friday evening in front of about 1500 people, scary or what, sadly in 2013 our contact Trevor Grills was involved in an accident and later died from his injuries,we had only laughed and joked with him on the thurday, but by the weekend he had passed away.
Have not updated this page for a time, however we have been busy performing here there and everywhere,in much the same way, fundraising over the years has seen a steady increase which has been good with the current climate, will try and update this page a bit more regular.
November 2016, thing have been going on much the same a normal rallies, weddings and Christmas engagements, I am not going to be updating this page only if something different takes place

Page updated NOVEMBER 2016
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